Big trucks need love too! After all; its a chore just to do a proper wash and dry on one of these things. But what if I told you that washing and drying your truck could take way less time? What if I told you that your truck would be protected for years against environmental fallout, bird poop, bugs, etc? And what if I told you that freshly waxed look was a wash away? Behold the power of CQuartz!!! Realizing the task of keeping this truck looking good along with being on the road constantly; this customer opted for the best!

Services performed:

  • Wash & two step paint decontamination
  • Wheels/wells/tires deep cleaned
  • Spot compounding
  • One step paint correction
  • 2 coats CQuartz Professional applied to paint, wheel faces, front grille area
  • Glass sealed
  • Tires and trim protected with long lasting protectant
  • Interior vacuum


A little before and after on these B Pillars:

B Pillar before


B Pillar after


Beauty shots! Check out that flake!!!














Walk around video of this gorgeous beast!!


Its never too late to protect your second biggest investment! Contact us today!

When only the Finest will do….trust the most experienced paint correction & ceramic coating experts at Carolina`s Finest Detailing.

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