Mopar or no car!! Its a motto this customer definitely lives by when looking at his stable. The crown jewel, however, is this gorgeous B5 Blue Charger you see here. And don’t get it twisted. This girl is not all show. There is a distinct start up sound that tells you…..”Let`s go fast!”

So we made it our goal to make this car look fast while standing still. And I think this one can be classified as Mission Accomplished!

Services performed:

  • Wash & 2 step paint decontamination
  • Wheels/tires/wells deep cleaned
  • 2 step paint correction
  • CQuartz Dlux applied to front grille areas
  • 2 coats of CQuartz Professional applied to all painted surfaces and wheel faces


Just a small before and after from the trunk threshold:

Before (Note the swirling around the light source):

rear bumper before


After (Note no more swirling and the clarity of the lights reflection):

rear bumper after


Its the small details that count and sets us apart from the competition….


See the clarity in this taillight. Scroll down to the next picture.

tailight after


This was that taillight before:

tailight before


Window deflectors all swirled up:

window visor before



Swirls be gone!!! Does your detailer polish and coat these areas? Probably not. Small things like this are why we pride ourselves on providing the finest detailing services around.:

window visor after


The beauty shots (Of course the sun decided to take a break. Check out the gloss and reflections!!)……











That thing got a Hemi?



Does your taillights even reflect bro?



Ahh…blus skies……err cloudy?



Beautifully polished exhaust tips….check.

Perfectly cleaned and dressed trim…check.



Walk around video more your style???


Don`t worry, your baby can look this good too!!! Contact us today for your free consultation.

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