Porsche Boxter S – Gloss! Gloss! Gloss!

Porsche Boxter S – Gloss! Gloss! Gloss!

We had the pleasure of cleaning up a beautiful 8,000 mile Porsche Boxter S today. And boy did it need some TLC! Some previous “detailers” had definitely left their mark with wax residue on many trim pieces as well as some nasty swirling.

We treated this beauty to a thorough wash & paint decontamination, deep wheel/well/tire cleaning, and some trim cleanup before we started to add some real gloss. After that was done, we spot corrected a few deep scratches and then performed a thorough gloss enhancing polish to remove the swirling as well as restore gloss and clarity to the paint. We then sealed the paint, wheels, and glass for extra protection and pop and added a UV protectant to all the black trim. With a quick interior clean-up; she is now ready to roll.

Here are a few pics to enjoy:

Before condition



After we performed our magic.

Side after.JPG


Some unfiltered beauty shots:







Now that`s what I call clarity:






Only a walk around does this beauty justice:


With beautiful weather around the corner, time to get your ride looking its very best.


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Nissan Murano – We make white look good too!!

Nissan Murano – We make white look good too!!

We have been fortunate to have been very busy with new car prep details lately. A new car prep detail is a great way to start your automobile purchase on the right foot. We can put together a package to meet your need`s and budget as well as set you up with an easy method for caring for your new ride as well.

Take a look at this gorgeous metallic white Nissan Murano that we just completed, for example. After a thorough wash and decontamination; we performed a one step paint correction to enhance gloss and remove the swirling and medium scratching from the last 3 years of ownership. We unfortunately didn`t take any before and after pictures; but here is a before and after on the piano black pillar trim:



After the paint correction, we coated all painted surfaces with our signature 2 year ceramic coating. The wheel faces were also coated for ease of cleaning. The customer also opted to have the front leather seats, steering wheel, center arm rest, and door rests coated as well. Cleaning this car will be a breeze!!!!


Here is a walk around of the finished product:



A finished shot:




Look at that flake and clarity!:



Here is a closeup shot of the lower trim area on the rear bumper. Notice how glossy it is and the reflection. Yep, we polish and coat everything. No corners cut here. Thats what sets us apart from the others:




It`s never too late to protect your second largest investment.

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Grim Reaper – CQuartz Classic

Grim Reaper – CQuartz Classic

Check out this gorgeous Dodge Charger nicknamed “Grim Reaper” by our customer. At 3 months old; she was already in need of attention. The customer quickly realized that bringing this beauty through drive thru car washes was not doing her any justice and in fact causing adverse effects on the finish.

Upon arrival, it was clear that a one step correction just was not going to cut it to revive this finish. We opted to perform a hybrid correction to get a better result. While the car is not perfect, it definitely possesses better clarity and gloss now than when brand new. After our correction process, we slathered all painted surfaces with CQuartz Classic for years of superior protection, gloss, clarity, and ease of maintenance. The wheels, tires, and wells were also deep cleaned along with a long lasting sealant applied to the wheels for ease of cleaning off that pesky brake dust! We also set up our customer with a rinseless wash kit so that he will stay away from those pesky drive thru washes permanently!


Here is the before condition. Deep scratching from repeated drive thru washes:



After. Gloss and clarity restored along with 85% correction:



Here`s a 50/50 video during paint correction:



Afters. Just look at that gloss and reflection:









Customer saluting our work!:




And of course, a walk around video. Enjoy!:


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Scion FRS – Waterspot removal

Scion FRS – Waterspot removal

Lets get to the point…..water spots suck! They absolutely ruin the way a vehicle`s finish looks and are even worse on windows! The owner of this gorgeous Scion FRS contacted us after returning home from a work trip and noticing waterpsotting on the windows. Upon initial vehicle inspection; it was apparent that they had been there quite awhile and were also present on the painted surfaces.

Our process for removal started out with the windows. We started out with a chemical meant to help minimize and neutralize them. After the chemical treatment; we moved on to polishing all the glass with a special glass polish and pad. This process left the glass crystal clear and free of water spotting.

Windshield condition before:



Rear windshield before:



Windshield after polishing:



Rear windshield after polishing:



A little during polishing video:


After the glass was taken care of; the vehicle was then treated to a deep wash and paint decontamination. Luckily; we were able to drastically minimize the water spotting on the painted surface with chemical treatment and neutralize the remaining ones. We then performed a one step paint correction to remove the remaining spotting, remove swirling, as well as boost gloss and clarity.


Before correction (Notice the haze around the light on the paint):



After correction (Notice the clarity difference in the reflection of the light as well as the boost in metal flake standing out):



After the paint correction was done; we sealed the glass, paint, and wheels for added gloss and slickness while also providing superior protection. This sealant will last for many months, help the vehicle to stay cleaner longer, and make the cleaning process much easier as well.

Some great after pics taken by our customer. Look at that gloss and reflection:













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