Bringing the Beauty out of the Beast – Corvette Stingray

Bringing the Beauty out of the Beast – Corvette Stingray

As a parent myself; I fully understand the sacrifices made by parents everyday more than ever. We make choices and settle for less so that our kids and spouse can have nicer things. Take the owner of this Corvette Stingray for example. He had spent years ensuring his son and wife had better vehicles to drive than him and ensuring they were properly taken care of. After being pushed by his wife, he finally gave in and purchased a car that he truly wanted and could enjoy. But…it was definitely in need of some love.

The owners son, Robert, contacted me wanting to really enhance the look of his fathers Corvette as he knew it was really in need of some attention. We settled on a 2 step paint correction and Opti Coat Pro within their budget to make the exterior look as good as possible as well as protecting the finish and making it easier for the father to care for his baby. Less time cleaning, more time driving!!! Upon arrival; it was apparent this beast was in need of some love. The car came from Maryland and looked as if it had seen every single cheap car wash from there to South Carolina in its short 2 year existence. After setting expectations; we began the process of bringing some beauty out of this beast.

We started with a deep decontamination wash and through wheel cleaning. As you can see in the wheel before picture, it is apparent than it has never really received any proper detailing.


Wheel before…note the dark color of the barrel.



Wheel after. After a thorough cleaning, the wheel face was sealed for easier cleaning as well.



Here are some paint correction before and afters. The vehicle is not perfect as you will see. But we were able to dramatically improve the finish as well as enhance the paints clarity and gloss.


Fender before:



Fender after:




Quarter panel before:



Quarter panel after:




Hood before:



Hood after using LED light:



Hood after using a warmer colored light:



After our paint correction process was complete. We prepared the surface for ceramic coating application and applied Opti Coat Pro for 5 years of warrantied protection. The ceramic coating will enhance the paints finish, provide superior protection to the elements, and make maintenance a breeze.


Its all in the small details! The fender well liners were full of previous wax residue that has pretty much baked into the surface:



We deep cleaned these pieces and then coated them with CQuartz Dlux to enhance the finish as well as make them easier to clean:




The finished product:











Definitely a huge improvement! Now this Corvette looks good while going fast.

Oh yeah, your car can look this good and be protected too! Contact the areas most experienced and trusted paint correction and ceramic coating specialist today for your free consultation.





Mustang GT350 and the Ultimate Protection Plan

Mustang GT350 and the Ultimate Protection Plan

Is there no better feeling than driving away with your new toy? That new car smell. The roar of the exhaust. The shiny exterior. It`s all so intoxicating! You’ve worked countless extra hours saving. Done tons of research. Spent countless hours finding that perfect color, drivetrain, and options. The last thing you want to do is worry about cleaning it right? You just want to drive! But what if there was a way to not only protect your investment, make it look even better than showroom new, and make cleaning breeze? That`s why you call the pros at Carolina`s Finest Detailing.

That`s exactly what the owner of this gorgeous Mustang GT350 did. After doing research, the owner was able to procure this amazing machine you see here before you. Recognizing how majestic it really is; he wanted to take the steps to protect it and make cleaning a breeze. After all, wouldn’t you rather have more time rowing through gears listening to the roar of that naturally aspirated V8 scream down back roads?


Here are a few of her condition as delivered to us:





Dirty and dismal, we agree. We started with a deep decontamination wash and wheel cleaning, then began her transformation. First up was the interior. After a good cleaning; the seats, floor mats, along with all other alcantara and leather surfaces were treated to multiple coats of CQuartz Fabric and CQuartz Leather coating. This coating makes these surfaces easier to clean and protects them from spills like when that just perfectly full coffee cup decides to spit a bit out as you push through a 45MPH curve at 80MPH. And lets face it, the coating really enhances the look of these surfaces.





After the interior was complete, we removed that pesky dealer badge and performed our test spot to get the best possible result out of the one step correction.



Bye bye badge….





With these tasks complete; we moved on to the wheels & brake calipers. Just look at the size of those brakes! Now imagine the amount of dust they will throw! Do you seriously want to spend hours trying to get your wheels clean? Me either….and neither does the owner. So….we removed the wheels, deep cleaned them and coated them. And while the wheels were removed, we went ahead and cleaned the calipers and coated those too. The coating adds a nice sheen as well as helping these pieces stay cleaner longer. And after those spirited runs to the grocery store….super easy to clean.








Lastly, we performed a one step correction to enhance gloss and clarity as well as remove most of the nasty marring already present on the painted surfaces. She was then slathered in Opti Coat Pro for 5 years of warrantied protection.

And of course….the sun decides to go into hiding as we pull her out for final inspection and photos. But…check out these final shots. Even in dreary conditions, the gloss and reflection is out of this world!!!













Upon pickup, we also taught the customer the rinseless wash method along with setting him up with the tools to take care of his vehicle properly. Rinseless washing is by far the safest washing technique and is also environmentally friendly. And as a jackpot….its super easy and can even be done under cover or in your garage.


How about that walk around video…..(Apologies for the finger in the way a few times. Just switched from Note to iPhone and not use to camera placement.)



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