The Perfect Gift for Christmas……Gloss!!!

The Perfect Gift for Christmas……Gloss!!!

We have been blessed to have been super busy through the holiday season. Here are two correction and coating jobs we performed over the Christmas holiday week:

Plum Crazy Charger

We performed a one step paint correction on this Charger then applied CQuartz Classic ceramic coating. The owner was well versed in proper paint care, so we were able to achieve pretty close to a flawless finish. Washing will be a breeze the next few years along with no waxing or sealing!!









Walk around video:




Mustang GT

Another owner who was well versed in proper paint care, but wanted to make maintenance a breeze and protect his investment. We performed a one step correction and applied Opti Coat Pro. We also removed the wheels and coated them with Opti Coat Pro as well. Check out the flawless finish on this thing!!













Walk around video:




Just to recap the benefits of a ceramic coating:

  • Superior chemical resistance to acid rain, bug etchings, bird poop, etc.
  • Ease of maintenance. Your car stays cleaner longer. Washing your car is far easier as well.
  • No need to wax or seal through the coating`s life cycle.
  • Superior UV resistance.
  • Superior beading and sheeting.
  • And most of all……Gloss!!!!


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BMW 535I – Opti Coat Pro +

BMW 535I – Opti Coat Pro +

We love boats!!!!……… yachts?  The owner of this big and beautiful BMW 535I contacted us looking to protect his baby and make maintenance a breeze. After talking to the customer and getting to know his concerns and needs, we settled upon a one step correction topped with Opti Coat Pro+. He also opted for a trim restoration and wheel coating as well. We all know how these things spit brake dust!!!

After a thorough wash and paint decontamination….she was ready to undergo surgery.




Up first was to improve the aluminum door trim. This trim is famous for milking over time and growing dull.

Before trim restoration:




After. Much better!!!:




During correction:




After. Note the clarity and reflection:




And of course, Mother Nature did not want to cooperate with us. I am sure you will agree however at how glossy and amazing this vehicle looks even in cloudy conditions:












Walkaround video more your style? Well here you go:



Oh yeah, your car can look this good too! We offer a wide array of paint correction and protection packages. We are the area`s most experienced paint correction and ceramic coating specialist.


When only the Finest will do…..

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The Beast!!!

The Beast!!!

The Beast is definitely an appropriate name for this gorgeous F150 built by the crew at Bosworth Customs. We first saw this truck earlier in the year for cleanup before it`s official reveal photoshoot. Chad contacted us a few weeks ago as the owner had some bodywork done at a local dealership body shop and it really needed some attention to bring The Beast to the next level.

Before we worked our magic…..




We started with a deep wash and paint decontamination to prep the surface for paint correction and to remove some overspray from its visit to the body shop. The carbon fiber hood had really been torchered. It was very hazy and full of marring.

Here is a little video during correction of the hood. We performed a two step correction on the hood to restore it to brand new condition. Notice how hazy the finish is and how the light actually clears up as I move the light up the hood.


Now that`s a glossy carbon fiber hood…




As this is a daily driver, we settled on a one step correction to remove swirling, wash marring, and medium scratching and restore clarity and gloss.


Fender before




Fender after




After the paint correction process, we topped all paint, glass, and wheels with  a long lasting sealant for added slickness, superior water beading & sheeting, & ease of maintenance for the next 6 months.

Now thats a glossy truck!!



Notice how well the perfectly cleaned and dressed trim blends in with the painted surfaces on the tail of the truck.




Oh yeah, your vehicle can look this glossy too!!! Contact the paint correction and protection experts at Carolina`s Finest Detailing today  for your free consultation or to schedule your appointment.