Tesla Model X – Opti Coat Pro

Tesla Model X – Opti Coat Pro

We absolutely love protecting your second largest investment and showing you just how easy it is to mantain after our services have been performed. It`s a real passion for us. Take this Tesla model X, for example. The owner absolutely loves this car and enjoys taking care of it herself. But knowing how soft and fragile Tesla clear coat is; she wanted to take the next step to protect her investment and make maintenance even easier over the next 5  years.

After several emails back and forth, we settled upon a one step correction and application of Opti Coat Pro. I think the photo`s speak for themselves; even in shady conditions.


This is what perfectly polished paint looks like:



Can you believe this is actually reflection from the hood?



Even in shady evening conditions, she shows just how glossy she really is:







How about a walk around:



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BMW M3 – Bringing sexy back!!!

BMW M3 – Bringing sexy back!!!

This customer contacted us knowing his M3 just did not look its very best. He wanted it glossy and easy to maintain. After some chatting back and forth, we settled on a one step correction topped with a long lasting sealant. After the initial wash and paint decontamination, it was apparent this car needed just a little more. The hood, roof, and trunk lid were tore up from water spotting, scratching, and sap etching. After a little more talk with the customer, we decided to perform a two step correction on these panels instead of the one step. Here are some paint before and afters.


Hood before:



Hood after:



Trunk lid before:



Trunk lid after:



Ever wonder just how we get wheels so clean? Check out just how in depth we go on wheel cleaning:


Here we are with a nasty wheel. Lots of embedded brake dust particles:



The tires receive a deep scrubbing with a rubber cleaner while a wheel cleaner starts to break up all contaminants on the wheels.



We start with the wheel barrels.



Next is behind the spokes and the lip between the face and barrel.



What sets us apart, all around the lug nuts.



And between the spokes. Having the right tools for the job is crucial.



And another soaking for good measure. The cleaner turns pink as it comes into contact with iron and brake dust particles. These wheels were severely neglected, we knew they would need 2 rounds of cleaning.



And the after. A properly dressed tire. The wheels also received a long lasting sealant to make cleaning a breeze.



After we finished our correction step, all painted surfaces and glass received a long lasting sealant for that extra gloss and slick feeling along with months of easy maintenance.


The afters……












And the walk around video…..Be sure to watch in HD.


This BMW now looks the way it should…..absolutely stunning!!! Don`t worry, your car can look this good. Contact us today to setup your appointment.

BMW 1M – We make white look good!

BMW 1M – We make white look good!

They say white can`t be as glossy or reflective as other colors. Well we say “Challenge accepted!” Take this gorgeous BMW 1M for example. After a thorough wash and paint decontamination; she was treated to a gloss enhancing polish to restore gloss & clarity as well as  provide some minor correction. We were able to achieve absolute amazing results!!!


Look how dirty the clay was after just part of the passenger door:




A few before and afters:

Hood before (Look closely near the light and observe the marring.):



Hood after (Notice the clarity restored and no  airing around the light):



Rear deck lid before:



Rear deck lid after:





After we restored gloss and clarity, all painted surfaces and windows were sealed with a Silica sealant for that extra pop and long lasting protection.


And of course…..we all know about brake dust right? The owner opted to have the wheels ceramic coated in order to make the dreaded task to clean them far easier and add a bit of gloss as well.

Dirty dirty wheels….






Hmm….they look clean now. Right?








One more step…those pesky iron particles…..Notice the purple in the foam. The chemical we use turns purple as it breaks down embedded brake dust and metal particles.




Now we can truly say squeaky clean and coat them!!


And of course…..the finished shots….




Reflection on white paint??? Oh yes!!










How about a walk around?