Opti Coat Pro – Dodge Charger

Opti Coat Pro – Dodge Charger

We absolutely love working with customers who have a passion for cars like us. It is even sweeter when they want the absolute best care for their car as well. We met this particular client at a neighborhood event and immediately began talking to him about rinseless washing his vehicle. After multiple emails and a meeting, we set a date for beautification of his Dodge Charger. We performed a one step correction and then slathered it in Opti Coat Pro for years of protection, gloss, and ease of maintenance.

Paint condition before (Note the water spotting and swirling around the light):




After (Note the clarity around the light):



Some beautiful afters:






When your customer is in love with the services performed, and sends you a video of the rain beading off:



Looking the get your vehicle looking its very best and protected? Contact us today!!!

Paint Protection versus Repaint?

We have had quite few customer`s over the past week where they were absolutely sure a repaint would be necessary. Luckily, they called the experts at Carolina`s Finest Detailing first.


Situation 1

Customer parks under a tree overnight and sap drips onto paint. Customer is gone for a week on business trip, then drives car for another week before noticing. No fear here guys!! This car is wearing CQuartz Classic!!! The owner called me for a wash and I was able to wipe away the sap easily after soaking with a little all purpose cleaner! Whew!!! No repaint here today!

Sap before:



Sap all gone with no damage to paint:



Situation 2

Bird crap etching in middle of hood!! Customer had previously had a detailer try to fix the issue, but was unsuccessful. Before attempting to fix the issue, we took readings with our paint gauge and examined the etching with a microscope to ensure that there was ample clear coat to work with in removing the stain. There is a reason why some charge a higher price.




After wets sanding and compounding, but before final polish:



Potential paint repair plus vehicle rental: $700


After educating the customer on the protection options available along with ease of maintenance, they booked an appointment for Opti Coat Pro + application.


Your vehicle is the second largest investment a person or family makes. Have you taken the proper steps to ensure that it is protected for years to come? Contact us today.


We at Carolina’s Finest Detailing have spent years not only honing our skills; but learning the science behind paint systems as well as the chemistry behind the chemicals we use and the stains we attack. There`s a reason we call ourselves the Finest detailing services available.