Maintaining Your Company Image

Vehicle signage including wraps, decals, and door magnets are a great way to advertise your business and services; especially if you spend a lot of time driving. Keeping your vehicle clean and shiny helps to bring more attention as you drive around and also helps to separate you from the competition. And lets face it, we spend a lot of time inside our car. Why not keep your vehicles interior clean and smelling great; especially if you transport clients.

We offer a range of services to help protect your investment and make regular maintenance a breeze. Our covenient mobile detailing service means that we can take care of your vehicle while you`re at the office or home for the day. No need to worry about being inconvenienced. And the best part is, it counts as a business expense!!!

Check out this truck that we did for TNT Signs & Graphics. This truck is now clean, glossy, & protected and will help him stand out as he drives around town. All exterior surfaces including wheels received a premium sealant that adds gloss, helps the vehicle to stay cleaner longer, and makes overall cleaning  breeze. And the best part, we only used 3 gallons of water to clean up this beauty!


Exterior before (Note the dirt buildup which takes away from the well designed graphics):







Wheel & Tire before:



Exterior after:








Wheel & Tire after (No more built up brake dust. The wheels were also sealed for easier cleaning):



Interior looking fresh after a deep vacuum and wipe down:



When only the Finest will do….Let us come to you!


Giving a 170,000 mile Toyota Solara a facelift.

Giving a 170,000 mile Toyota Solara a facelift.

The relationship between a person and their car is not understood by all. Its a special bond. I understand and love talking to others who have a special bond with their vehicles. Its their baby; and they wouldn’t part with it for the world. This customer is one of those people, and she absolutely loves her Solara. She brought it to Carolina`s Finest Detailing to give her some love and ready her for the next 170,000 miles. A car with this type of mileage has its bumps and bruises. The goal of this detail was to refresh the interior and make the exterior look as good as possible.

We started with the a thorough interior cleaning to restore that “new car feeling.”

Some interior before shots:














Interior after shots:

















We spent some extra time with the steam cleaner and cleaned the vents as well as the windows….






After the interior was steam cleaned and the leather conditioned, we moved to the exterior. The convertible top was thoroughly cleaned. The rest of the vehicle was treated to a deep wash and clay bar treatment to remove tar and embedded contaminants.


Headlight restoration to restore clarity and improve sight distance. The owner can now feel safer at night being able to see more clearly and further.





We cut and polished a few scuffed areas on the bumpers and touched up major chips on the hood and bumper. 20160214_153132



The goal here was to minimize for an overall better look.


The paint and glass was then treated with a long lasting sealant that not only protects, but adds gloss and allows for easier cleaning.

Exterior after shots:







Even as the sun was going down, you could see how glossy and amazing this car looks. She is now ready for another 170,000 miles.

Looking to give your ride a little TLC? Contact Carolina`s Finest Detailing today.

When only the Finest will do….Let us come to you!


Mustang GT – Exterior Refresh & Optimum Gloss Coat

Mustang GT – Exterior Refresh & Optimum Gloss Coat

This Mustang came to us for an exterior refresh before summer. His main concerns were restoring gloss, the faded trim, and making the vehicle easy to maintain. During the vehicle evaluation, it was discovered that the paints average thickness was around 4 mils. The customer was also unsure of the paints history and whether any previous polishing had been done. We settled on a jeweling polish to restore gloss and clarity as well a remove fine swirl marks and scratches. The paint was then topped with Optimum Gloss coat for two years of easy maintenance and no need to wax. The exterior trim including GT badging was restored as well. Check out this gorgeous ride:


Trim Restoration

Badge Before


Badge After
Front Grille Before
Front Grille After
Side Trim Before
Side Trim After
50/50 shot Rear View Mirror Restoration
Rearview Mirror After
Hood Grille Before
Hood Grille After


Clarity Restored

Check out the gloss!



Exterior After
Only the finest products used!
Exterior After
Exterior After
The license plate is removed and the paint behind it is polished and coated as well. Its the small details we focus on.
She is ready to go!

Show season and summer are quickly approaching. Does your ride look it`s very best? Contact Carolinas Finest Detailing today for a free consultation.

When only the Finest will do…Let us come to you!!!


Protect Your Investment

When you think about it, your vehicle is the second largest purchase made. Cars today are more expensive and last longer. Therefore; we keep them longer. We spend hundreds of dollars protecting and maintaining our home. Why not do the same with our vehicle? As tax season approaches, many of us will be looking to purchase a new vehicle. Start your journey of ownership on the right foot with a protected investment.

  • Wouldn`t it be nice to not worry about waxing for years?
  • What would you do with the time savings from washing your vehicle less and not having to wax?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to clean the interior of you vehicle  more easily and know its protected from staining?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to get more money when you trade in your vehicle?

Opti Coat Pro can do this and more. Contact us today for more info.

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