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As a country, we have made great leaps in becoming more eco-conscious. Cars today have greater gas mileage and reduced emissions. More and more products are made of recycled materials. Recycle collection has become a norm in most places. We at Carolinas Finest Detailing pride ourselves in making our mark in being eco friendly as well. To help conserve the environment, we use waterless & rinseless washing techniques.

What is Rinseless/Waterless washing?

Rinseless or Waterless washing is the most technologically advanced washing system in the detailing community.  These techniques requires 2-3 gallons of water to wash an entire car from top to bottom. The average drive thru car wash uses an average of 29 gallons per car!

Will it scratch my car?

The short answer is absolutely not. As a matter of fact, rinse less and waterless washing techniques are far safer than traditional washing techniques as well as drive thru car washes. Drive thru car washes who use brushes are far more likely to damage your vehicles exterior surface than any other washing technique.

How does it work?

Rinseless & waterless washes contain super-slick polymers and that are designed to encapsulate dirt. Because the dirt is encapsulated, it is carried off the surface easier than normal soap; leaving a clean and shiny surface. As we rinse out our mitt during the wash cycle, the dirt is then carried to the bottom of the bucket, preventing it from ending back up on our sponge. Because of this, we are able to use the same wash solution for multiple vehicles. The waste water in the bucket can actually be used to water the lawn & plants or poured down the drain. It it environmentally safe.

Beyond washing…..

We not not only use eco-friendly techniques on the outside of your vehicle, but on your interior too. We use steam cleaning to not only clean, but disinfect interior plastics, vinyl, carpet, and leather. This technique uses heated water, so no harmful chemicals. We also use citrus based all purpose cleaners that do not contain harmful chemicals. These cleaning techniques also help to kill germs and harmful bacteria.

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