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Toyota Supra – CQuartz Professional

Four words….Toyota…….Supra…….all original. I wasn’t even sure those words went together anymore!! But they do! The owner of this beautiful 40K mile, totally stock Supra approached me to bring some life back into the all original finish. After going over options with the customer; a plan of attack was put together to breathe some life back into the finish and protect it for years to come. Our process:

  • Wash & 2 step paint decontamination
  • Wheels/wells/tires deep cleaned
  • Quick engine degrease
  • Careful paint measurements were taken all around the vehicle and low spots marked
  • Two step paint correction. We had to be more careful around some areas due to the amount of clear coat on the surface.
  • Faded trim hand polished to bring back some luster
  • Wheel faces & front grille areas coated with CQuartz Dlux via airbrush
  • 2 coats of CQuartz Professional applied to paint & lights then IR cured
  • Wells & tires protected
  • Thorough vacuum and quick wipe down of interior
  • Leather seats protected

Here are a few before and after shots of the paint correction. There were unfortunately some random deep scratches that we were not able to fully remove due to the depth and amount of clear available to work with:


Some beautiful afters courtesy of J.P. Photography:









A quick little video for your viewing pleasure. This video showcases how tedious I am in checking correction after each step as well as ensuring a flawless ceramic coating install.:


You can read more about the Finest ceramic coatings that we offer here: http://carolinasfinestdetailing.me/cquartz-finest-reserve-cquartz-professional-ceramic-coatings/

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We have been busy!!!

Its been a busy last few weeks here at the shop. We are definitely blessed to have absolutely the best clients! Check out a few videos from some recently completed work:



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When only the Finest will do…..