Reporting for Duty – Jeep Wrangler

There is a constant line that I like to use…”It`s never too late to show some love to your ride.” This definitely rings true for this 15 year old Jeep. The owner began restoring  and customizing it in 2000 and it has since taken on quite a different form from factory. We have previously paint corrected and applied our signature nano ceramic coating to the owners other two vehicles. After seeing how easy it is to maintain them and how good they look; he opted to have his daily beater done as well.


– Thorough wash and 2 step paint decontamiantion
– All undercarriage foam washed and degreased
– Application of  Opti Coat Pro to all painted surfaces
– Application of CQuartz Dlux to all black trim including fender flares, bumpers, wheel faces, light surrounds, etc.
– Application of CQuartz Dlux via airbrush to all suspension components and wheel wells
– Glass sealed
– Tires shined

The paint now has a nice sheen to it, is protected, and maintaining this beast will be a piece of cake for years to come. Looking to protect your investment? We offer a ride range of options for you . Contact us today for a free consultation.

Beauty shots:


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