Red, Red Wine – Vinyl Wrapped Maserati

We recently had this gorgeous Maserati in for some enhancement and detailing. The owner had some issues arise with water spotting from leaking pipes in his home`s parking deck.  Because this car is vinyl wrapped and the color is also not made anymore; he was careful to research detailing companies before making the right decision to come to us.  After a meet and greet with the customer and a consultation regarding the car; a plan of action was made in order to not only remedy the water spot issue; but enhance the car overall.


– Thorough wash and decontamination
– Water spot removal from affected vinyl wrapped areas
– Wheel/well/tire deep cleaning
– Carbon fiber spoiler and side valences polished
– Rearview mirrors and door handles were rewrapped to match the carbon fiber spoiler
– Signature nano ceramic coating applied to vinyl wrap, carbon fiber spoiler, and lower painted valences
– Wheel faces ceramic coated and IR cured
– Through interior detail

A few in progress shots:

IR curing the ceramic coating on wheel faces:

That steering wheel may look clean, but the towel tells a different story:

After shots:


Check out this video of water behavior from our signature nano ceramic coating on the vinyl wrap:


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