A Family Affair….

This couple recently decided to buy new vehicles and wanted the best protection. They take very good care of their vehicles and drive them until at least 200,000 miles.

Here is a quick rundown of services performed on both:

– Deep wash & 2 step paint decontamination
– One Step Paint Correction
– Opti Coat Pro (5 year warrantied) applied to paint, lights, all of front grille, and plastic trim
– Windshield & Panoramic roof (Santa Fe) coated with special glass ceramic coating
– Wheel faces ceramic coated
– Quick Interior cleanup

We set up all our customers with the tools to maintain their vehicles as well as take the time to show them proper care techniques as well.



Looking for the Finest in paint correction & ceramic coating services? Send us an email today.

When only the Finest will do….



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